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1.    Introduction:

TAMA, formed in 1929, is a farmer Organisation with membership of over 200,000 smallholder farmers in Malawi, organised in Clubs and Cooperatives. Besides successes in the Tobacco industry, TAMA wants to respond to the increasing demand from its members to diversify into other value chains, thus broadening and improving its service delivery system, re-branding and re-position for meaningful social and economic impact at farmer level, and offering a modest business model that sustains the organization, Clubs and Cooperatives. The current TAMA strategic plan (2013-2017) expires on 31st December, 2017, and a new strategy is required for the next five years (2018-2022). TAMA therefore requests for an experienced consultant to lead the process and develop new strategic plan for the next 5 years that will be operational from 1st January, 2018.

2.    Objective: It is to develop a five-year strategic plan that will assist TAMA to fulfil and broaden its mandate in line with the increasing demand for improved services among its members, new development in the Tobacco sector, and call for both income and products diversification from members.

3.    Scope of work: The scope of work and that of the Consult will include but not limited to the following:

a.      Review the current SDP performance for inclusion of lessons learnt and build on the positive results.

b.      Review the Vision and Mission statements

c.      Undertake key stakeholder mapping and analysis for meaningful service delivery

d.      Undertake a situational analysis of TAMA for proper operational, governance and institutional positive changes.

e.      Through a consultative process and application of necessary tools of analysis, identify focus areas and develop strategic objectives and key result areas for the same.

f.       Review the institutional capacity, organisational set-up, business model, financial and administrative systems against the TAMA mandate and identify strategic objectives and key results areas, and make recommendations if any.

g.      Propose strategies for achieving the strategic objectives and key results

h.      Develop a result and resources framework for the planned period.

i.        Hold stakeholder meeting (s) to validate the draft strategic plan

j.        Finalise the strategic plan and present to TAMA.

4.    Expected Deliverables. The expected outputs are copies of

a.    Strategic Development Plan (2018-2022).

b.    A clear business model that sustainably support TAMA membership and income base.

5.    Time frame: The assignment is for a period of a month.

6.    Reporting: The consult will report to the Chief Executive Officer. TAMA will provide all documents relevant to the assignment, and will be responsible for the coordination of all meetings and activities under this consultancy.

7.    Expertise

a.    Academic Qualification: At least a Master Degree Business Administration; Rural Development or in any related field relevant to the assignment.

b.    Experience

      i.        At least 5 years’ professional experience in strategic planning and management

    ii.        Prior working experience with Farmer Organisations and Development issues.

   iii.        Demonstrated experience in strategic change management and business models.

c.    Skills and Competencies

      i.        Ability to work with minimal supervision.

    ii.        Evidence to have successfully undertaken similar assignment.

   iii.        Must be conversant with Malawi agriculture sector and policies

   iv.        Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and professional skills in interacting with government and development partners

    v.        Experience in research, policy development and management and program-related work.

   vi.        Skills in facilitation of stakeholder engagements

8.    Deadline for this EOI: The qualified consultant is expected to provide detailed scope of work to be done and estimated budget by close of business on 25th August, 2017

9.    Application process: Interested and qualified consultants are requested to submit their applications to the following: The Chief Executive Officer, Tobacco Association of Malawi, P.O. Box 31360, Lilongwe 3 or Email to tama@tamalawi.com with subject line clearly markers Strategic Plan 2017.