Embargo: For Immediate Release


Every 5 years, the Tobacco Association of Malawi (TAMA) conducts elections of its board of directors called Councilors, their Alternates and Delegates during its Annual Area Meetings in all its 21 tobacco growing constituent areas in the country.

This year, the Association holds the launch for the Annual Area Meetings at Ntchisi District Community Hall on 11th February starting from 8:30am where elections for Area 13 will be conducted.

Meetings across the country will resume on Monday, February 13 2017 through to 18th February 2017. The elections will be held in all these meetings.

Councilors, Alternate Councilors and Delegate Councilors that form the TAMA Congress. At the first Board meeting as Council in March 2017 the elected Councilors will elect their leader who is referred to as President and his seven-member Executive Committee team which will be in position until the next elections in February 2021.

During these meetings there are going to be presentations from all stakeholders in the tobacco industry and other service providers. This arrangement of bringing all relevant stakeholders to these meetings accords the growers an opportunity to ask and access information instantly, and also learn new developments regarding the forthcoming marketing season.

A schedule for all other meetings is attached for reference.