3                              TOBACCO ASSOCIATION OF MALAWI                     Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing Foundation    


1.0 Introduction

The report covers activities that took place in the month of August.

2.0 Risk Assessments

2.1 Simphasi Cooperative – Mchinji

Cooperative members concentrated on risk assessments at their homes that included clearing bushes, landscaping and house renovations; lining and covering of 3 wells and improving sanitation at an existing borehole.


  The poor sight of a borehole that is to be improved.

2.2 Kamsonga & Chifundo Cooperatives - Ntchisi

The works on the Mbiya road curvet were completed.


     The poor sight of the Mbiya Road Curvet.            Village Headman Mbiya shows the improved curvet


2.3 Utwe Cooperative - Zomba

In the month under review the members of the cooperative engaged the services of the Health Surveillance Assistant for the area, Mr. L. Masiye of the Magomero Health Centre in training local Tea-room Operators in safe practices of handling dishes, food items and process of handwashing among customers. The idea came from a background that the members observed that most Tea-rooms were using a single washing basin for all the customers.

The training went further to advise the operators to fill the potholes in the rooms.

After the training, the members went further to construct humps along the Dzaone-Thondwe, Dzaone-Lambulira and Dzaone-Nasawa earth roads to control speed of Motorcycle taxis thereby providing safety to all road users.

2.4 Vilimudongo Cooperative - Rumphi

The Cooperative continued to work on reducing risks in a number of areas including reducing distances to water sources among legally accepted young workers by replacing a dysfunctional water pump, maintaining a borehole; reducing risks of school children who are at risk of falling into an old pit latrine by renovating the toilet; and reducing risks of road users from being swept away by runoff water during rainy season when crossing a bridge by replacing the old structure.


               Pump to be installed on this well                                          The borehole to be maintained


2.5 Chawawa Cooperative

The Cooperative members supported a maize mill owner to guard a maize mill belt at Chimungu after over six months of lobbying to have it done.


             The unguarded machine                                                            The guarded machine


3.0 Media Tour

The project team took the media to the project sites in Mchinji, Dowa and Ntchisi to appreciate the concept for them to be able to assist in popularizing the concept to a larger public.

Journalists looking at a cut maize mill belt at Chiosha Trading Centre in Mchinji.

4.0 Conclusion

The project is moving towards winding up. Cooperatives have since been advised to finalise all started programs to ensure that we meet the deadlines. Plans are underway to set local committees to carry on with the OSH programs as we wait for further consideration to move into third phase.