Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in Tobacco Production

Buyer Grower Relationship strenghtening through GAP. TAMA's Head of Business and Development, Felix Thole(right) handing over certtified seeds by ARET to a merchant representative for further distribution to TAMA's grower members.

Child Labour Free Tobacco Industry

TAMA through partnerships with other stakeholders namely ILO/IPEC, Ministry of Labour,AECL etc,ensures that tobacco farming and processing is strictly an adult responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

An attentive grower audience at a TAMA meeting listening to a presentation on issues of HIV and AIDS

Creating an Enabling Value Addition through Partnerships.

Premium Tama Tobacco Limited, Kanengo Tobacco Processors Ltd and Tama Processors Limited are some of the established companies that TAMA has partnered with off-shore investors as a way of adding value to its members tobacco.